5 Things to Do in Gili Meno

5 Things to Do in Gili Meno

Scuba diving
The Gili Meno or known as the smallest island among three islands of Gili’s. There are almost no night life in this island because as we all know that the center of night life is at Gili Trawangan. There are plenty of things you can do in this island, such as Scuba Diving. Despite all the tourist and travelers have come here every year the ecosistem in here is stil well-preserved and in my opinion is one of the best diving spot in Indonesia.

Not into diving? Snorkeling maybe the best option for you. The same as the other islands, Gili Meno will pleased you with its natural coral reefs and natural wildlife around this beautiful island. You can find many guest house or tourist rental to get some snorkeling equipment if you do not have any.

I do not think that surfing will be suitable in this island since the wave is not strong enough to do those kind of thing. There is a spot to surf in south of Gili Trawangan but only for light surfing.

With no motorized vehicle allowed in this island makes Gili Island worth to explore by walking or strolling around with your own foot. This beautiful island can be explore with 90 minutes walk or around 3 hours if you often stops to take some picture of this beauty island . Enjoy te wind breeze and the sun makes your journey completely fun.

Else one of the best things to do here is basically to do nothing. With no motor vehicles around to disturb your peace or atmosphere, you can idle away the time by chilling at your own private verandah or at various restaurants and cafes by the beach. Occasional dip in the sea would be a good break in between.

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